Nex Playground is here to make movement fun

Nex Playground is here to make movement fun

Video games have a poor reputation when it comes to physical health, but the advent of motion games has changed that impression. Nex Playground brings motion games into the modern era with an all-new active play system designed for families.

This incredible new active play system is distributed exclusively by Skyworth Group’s retail brand QVWi in South Africa. Nex Playground offers a simple way for families to turn their living room into an interactive playground that brings the family together for entertaining bouts of physical activity.

Voted by TIME as one of the best innovations for 2023 with recognizing the active play system as an innovative and family-friendly addition to the average home.

The diminutive cube that will soon take over living rooms everywhere hosts a 12,3MP ultra-wide-angle camera capable of detecting player movement and translating it into accurate onscreen action. The active play system connects to TVs via HDMI and includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 64GB of storage onboard. Games can be downloaded via Wi-Fi and stored on the play system allowing for travel and complete offline playing.

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